Reservation Policy


Upon confirmation of booking if a cancellation is necessary, the guest must formally request by e-mail. The amount paid will be released as credit for six months. After this, the guest will not entitled to use this amount.

If the change request is made with a period equal to or less than 3 (three) days in advance, will be charged a fine in an amount equivalent to 10% of the total value of a booked chalet.

When requesting a new reservation, the guest may reschedule two more times within 6 (six) months.

The amount of available credit does not imply in guarantee of the same price as the time of booking or the same booked chalet. It depends on availability.

In case there is no possibility of using the credit upon request, will be returned according to the following situation.



Days Advance Booking -% Returned

For 0-5 days 0%
6 to 15 days 50%
Up to 15 days 90%



Days Advance Booking -% Returned

For 0-10 days 0%
From 11 to 20 days 40%
21 to 30 days 75%
Over 30 days 90%
(*) Months of June and July



In the case of non-attendance on the day of booking without prior notice, will result in the loss of the amount deposited, with no case, refund or credit for future use.